hold spray

You can buy pepper (OC) spray from a variety of locations in the United States and even on the internet. Many retailers like Walmart, or any sporting goods store, firearms dealer, and many pharmacies will sell OC spray.

Call ahead of time to make sure they have the product you want. If you are not sure what type of pepper-spray to get, read this informative article.

Where to Buy Pepper Spray on the Internet

Here’s a list of the top 3 places to buy pepper (OC) spray on the internet:

  1.  Amazon.com: Great selection and a huge community of reviews to help you decide what’s the best pepper-spray for you. Shipping is usually free for orders over $35. I have found that Amazon usually has the best prices.
  2. Ebay.com: Interesting selection, but also has a bunch questionable products. If you choose ebay, make sure you buy a good brand of OC spray. Compare Brands Here
  3. Walmart.com: Overall decent way to get pepper-spray. You can also go to your nearest Walmart store.

Be aware that there are some states that prohibit the use of certain OC spray products. Since pepper (OC) spray is a self defense weapon, some states require that the purchaser must be over 18 years old. Some states require that you have a firearm license in order to purchase pepper (OC) spray. Check your local laws before purchasing any self defense weapon.

Pepper (OC) spray can be bought easily without any hassle in most states.

Buy at a local store

Here’s a list of some retail stores that will likely stock pepper-spray

  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • Sports Mart
  • Local hardware stores
  • Military surplus stores

Be sure to call ahead to check whether it is available for sale, and what state requirements you need to purchase. Most states have no restrictions on pepper (OC) spray and it can be easily bought. For laws check here.

Recommended Pepper (OC) Sprays

Pepper-spray is a self defense weapon, so don’t take any chances by buying a shady product that won’t work when you need it the most. Stick to trusted brands such as:

The pepper-spray that I recommend the most is the SABRE RED Police Strength Spray – Compact, with Quick Release Key Ring.
Saber Red Police Strength Pepper Spray- Compact Pros

  • Sabre Red quality and Police Strength
  • 10 foot range
  • 25 shot capacity
  • Compact, with  handy quick release keyring
  • 4 year shelf life


The Sabre Red Compact spray is great for the vast majority of people who want something simple, effective, and inexpensive to defends themselves with. It makes a great gift for family members too.

Some other pepper (OC) sprays that I recommend (for home use, adverse weather, jogging etc) can be found in a review here.

It comes in black as well, if you feel embarrassed about carrying around a bright pink object (however the pink gives support to breast cancer research)

Last Words

I recommend getting a good brand of pepper (OC) spray on the internet or at your local retailer. Just be careful about state laws and restrictions.

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