Where Can I Buy Pepper Spray?


Be aware of  State Restrictions

Where you can buy pepper spray depends largely on which state you live in. Different states have different laws regarding where and how (in person? with a license?) you can obtain pepper spray.

Here is a complete list of different pepper spray laws by state.

The most notable pepper spray law restrictions are in:

  • New York: You can only buy pepper spray in person at a licensed dealer or pharmacy.
  • Massachusetts: Pepper spray is treated the same as ammunition so you need to buy it at a licensed firearms dealer and also have a license.
  • Hawaii: Pepper spray is sold at licensed stores.

Check your local state laws to be sure about what restrictions exist on the sale of pepper spray in your state.

I live in a state without pepper spray restrictions. Where can I buy pepper spray?

If your state does not have any legal restriction regarding the sale or possession of pepper spray, then your best bet for buying pepper spray is on Amazon.com. You can find the best selection, prices, and insightful reviews on Amazon.com. If you want a detailed review comparison between the most popular pepper sprays on the market in 2014 click here.

Some states prohibit the sale of pepper spray to minors, and therefore buying pepper spray online will require an adult signature upon delivery.

You can also most likely find pepper spray for sale in a variety of local stores:

  • Walmart
  • Sports Mart
  • Hardware stores
  • Military surplus stores
  • Firearm dealers
  • Pharmacies

Pepper spray is widely available in states that have no legal restrictions.

One note of caution, if you decide to go to Walmart or some store that does not specialize in self defense, do your research, before hand. The sales clerks at a big store won’t be able to advise you on which pepper spray would be best for you. Here is a great article that will help you choose the best pepper spray for your self defense.

Last Words

If you live in a state like NY, MA, or HI, then you will not be able to buy pepper spray online. For other states, I highly recommend going to Amazon.com to check out their wide selection of pepper sprays, keychain pepper sprays, pepper spray guns, and other self defense products. Free shipping over $35.