Who is Self Defense Ninja?

Hi my name is Nate. No, I’m not a real ninja. But I am passionate about educating people about products and training that can provide the peace of mind that you need in this sometimes dangerous world. The key is to always be prepared, because you never know when you may need to use your self defense options.

My Story

I never really thought about self defense in the past. This all changed one day when I had a close encounter with a violent individual. I had nothing to defend myself with, and all I could feel was helplessness. If only I had something, anything, to improve my odds of survival.

Thankfully, I walked away from that situation unscathed, but it left an indelible mark on me. After that day I became obsessed with finding different weapons and training methods that could help me in dangerous situations. I vowed never to be caught off guard again.

Why I don’t carry a gun

Now to address the white elephant in the room: guns. Guns are a controversial issue in this country, and with good reason. Now I am not against anyone who decides to carry a gun for self defense, however, after all the research I have done about gun safety, I have decided not to talk about guns on this site. I want to keep the defense options here strictly non-lethal.

Now, I know many people will say that pepper spray or other non-lethal weapons stand no chance against someone with a gun and I would agree. The point is for most situations pepper spray is a very good solution, and does not require nearly as much time in training or risk in accidental death. Shooting someone can have irreversible consequences, regardless of your target’s innocence. Non-lethal weapons don’t cross this murky ethical line so that’s why I prefer to recommend them. However, everyone should weigh the pros and cons themselves.

Spreading the word

After having learned so much about self defense weapons and training, I decided it would be nice to share this information with all those who need it. This world can be a dangerous place, and the more lives I can save by educating people about the best self defense options, the better. It is my goal to be the number one source for self defense information on the internet. Be it reviewing new products or training classes, my prime directive is to equip my readers with the best information so they can have the safety and confidence.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to message me here